Barclay Crenshaw’s Debut Album Has Arrived!


January 27, 2017

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In 1884, an explorer found some artifacts suggesting that an alien race has visited the earth, abducted a large group of its children and then returned them a few days later. There are no records of what happened to the children, who they were or even if they returned in the same shape as they left. The only clues to these strange occurrences are in the cryptic art and music left behind. With his debut album, the cosmic manifesto at the heart of the Barclay Crenshaw project finally reveals itself in full.

Stream Barclay Crenshaw – The Debut Album Now!

“Long in the making, my debut album is what I like to call my cosmic manifesto. I sought to explore alternate galaxies and realities while also paying homage to classic ’90s hip-hop – and experimeting with some new sounds too.” – Barclay Crenshaw

Check out more info about Barclay’s upcoming tour, which hits Double Door next weekend on Saturday, February 4. Limited amount of tickets are still available HERE.


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