WHY? Returns To Chicago, Plays ‘Alopecia’ Front-To-Back This November


May 30, 2018

React Presents - News Flash


We’re proud to announce WHY? Plays Alopecia, Saturday, November 3rd 2018, celebrating the 10th anniversary of their seminal album.

Tickets are available HERE.

When Alopecia¬†(LISTEN HERE)¬†dropped in 2008, it redefined WHY? from Yoni Wolf’s solo project to a powerful trio of multi-instrumentalist musicians making material that defied genre and became required listening for all fans of indie music. Taking grips from folk, psych-rock, pop, and several healthy doses of hip-hop lyricism, WHY? created something singular with Alopecia, reveling in finding beauty and humor in things like mortality, self-deprecation, and all-consuming desperation. It was jubilant, melancholy, bizarre, and altogether different from anything else we were hearing at the time.

In recording¬†Alopecia, Yoni and WHY? forged a widely-loved album that was as accessible as it was weighty. Meaningful and musically impressive, the record cemented itself in a crucial moment all its own amidst the late ’00s era of internet-dominant independent music. One decade and celebrated re-issue later, WHY? embark on a commemorative tour to revisit the album from front to back, inviting fans and newcomers alike to experience it viscerally in a live setting once more.

Stream “Good Friday” below and grab your tickets today!


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