RL Grime Nova Tour at Aragon Ballroom November 15


June 8, 2017

React Presents - News Flash

The undisputed god of trap music RL Grime will be touching down at Aragon Ballroom on Wednesday, November 15 as part of his newly announced Nova Tour! Tickets to the show will be available for purchase HERE on Friday, June 9. Presale tickets are on sale now, follow React Presents on Instagram for the code!

Known worldwide for his genre-leading trap and future creations, Los Angeles native RL Grime has remained at the top of his respective game for years. His most memorable singles, including “Core,” “Scylla,” “Tell Me” and “Because of U,” have cemented themselves as some of the most exciting tracks for crowds to witness at festivals and intimate club shows alike.

His most recent announcement was made through a newsletter mailed to select fans from around the globe. Inside, it revealed a fresh schedule of 15 stops across North America under the Nova Tour banner, coming as a likely precursor to the DJ’s frequently teased sophomore album, set to release sometime in 2017.

“Nova will define and encompass every part of the RL Grime project over the coming years. More than just an album, or a show, or a single narrative, I want the Nova project to create spaces where you can feel part of the process and support platforms for your own ideas, while allowing me to share mine too. So it won’t just be me setting the storyline. Your input and the way you engage with my music and performance has always driven me forward, and will be a vital part of what I do over the coming year.” — RL Grime

Following a season of single releases, RL Grime’s Nova Tour announcement arrived alongside a brand new collaboration with fellow L.A. local Miguel. “Stay For It” features the soaring future-trap hybrid sound seen on several of his previous releases, and utilizes the smooth and fluid vocals of Miguel to complete the wavy, sonic picture.

Listen to “Stay For It” below.


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