Rinse & Repeat: A New Mix Series – Ep. 1 Gettoblaster


February 11, 2019

React Presents - News Flash

Our new mix series, “Rinse & Repeat,” will regularly showcase the React team’s favorite and most noteworthy artists from Chicago and beyond.

Frequenting the Chicago and Detroit metro areas to play and pay their respects to the legendary roots of house and techno music, who better than Gettoblaster to kick it off in the first episode, featuring tracks from staple artists such as Shiba San, Will Clarke, and Leon (Italy), as well as Gettoblaster originals. Check it out!

Intergalactic, pumped up jams with anticipatory techno parts work in juxtaposition to heavy hitting house beats here on Episode 1. Together, these elements make up a full bodied set. Diminishing tempo and sporadic bursts of energy have invigorated and put listeners all around the world to rest, and here the effects are no different.

Paul Anthony and Zach Bletz make up the multifaceted approach that Gettoblaster takes to the stage. The DJ duo are not only producers, but modern tastemakers of all that is good and meant to make you move in today’s electronic landscape. They’re set to make their Dirtybird debut, alongside DJ Funk, with the release of “Get Dat” on February 8.


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