New Music Friday 2.8.19: Elohim, RL Grime, Charlotte Adigéry, Diplo, Above & Beyond, Drama & more


February 8, 2019

React Presents - News Flash

Another week in and out. After surviving the polar vortex, as well as the jumping temperatures, the bright side is that new music is on the way! This week we had a colossal amount to choose from, but we have a feeling you will love some of these picks. So, let’s cut to the chase and dive right into it.

TV – Elohim
After a successful tour as support for Alison Wonderland’s headlining tour this past year, Elohim has been pushing her own creative endeavors. The subject of her latest single “TV,” using the television as background to drown out your inner thoughts, is widely relatable. The choppy mix of sample and beats juxtapose Elohim’s vocals in a pleasant way.

Arcus – RL Grime and Graves
RL Grimes stays putting out ethereal bangers with just the right balance of vocal distortion, ambiance, and hard-hitting beats. This track, featuring graves, is absolutely no exception. Hopefully this single is a hint at something more to come, and if it is, we’ll be waiting in excitement. Check out the track below,

Zandoli – Charlotte Adigéry
Charlotte Adigéry is one to watch out for. As a Belgian-Caribbean artist, she brings all facets of her heritage, environment, and experiences to table with her dance club anthems. On the EP “Zandoli” she has teamed up with Asian-Caribbean producer Bolis Pupul, whom she matched with on Tinder. Their track “Paténipat” is hypnotic and highly danceable. In an interview with Knotoryus, Adigéry said “It refers to ‘zandoli pa té ni pat’ – a Creole mnemonic translating into ‘the gecko didn’t have any legs’– which perfectly enunciates the rhythms of the GWO KA dances that would have swayed the islanders of Martinique a century ago.” On the title track “High Lights,” Adigéry indulges in her love of wigs and hair extension. The EP is equally goofy, confessional, and unique. A project this diverse and thematically complex deserve’s a listen.

New Shapes – Diplo & Octavian
On this out of character single, Diplo slows things down with French-born and London raised artist Octavian. His voice has a cool demeanor that’s complimentary to the chill, lower production. The track is overall a minimal production job, but beautifully done.

Distorted Truth – Above & Beyond
The legendary trance act is at it again with a new single on Anjunabeats. We guarantee you’ll be listening to this somewhere and sweating once it hits the 3-minute mark.

AJ Tracey – AJ Tracey
The west London born, grime MC is truly “doing it” by the looks of it. UK rapper AJ Tracey is the latest to release a self-titled debut album followed by a European tour. Pre-released tracks “Psych Out!” and “Doing It” will appear as tracks 7 and 12 on the album. Tracey’s clever wordplay and rapid raps have made him a UK chart-climbing phenomena, earned him a spot on Drake and Stormzy’s playlists. Previously having worked with A$AP Rocky, Lil B, and Clams Casino we’ll expect from fire lines on this next drop rumored to feature Giggs. Tracey has yet to come by North America, but who knows what is next for the man. Listen to his single “Doing It” and check out his self titled album on all streaming platforms now.

Hajk – Drama
The Norwegian electro-pop group Hajk (pronounced “hike”) released their second studio album today. The intro track, “Keep Telling Myself” is reminiscent of Mort Garson’s 1976 classic, Mother Earth Plantasia, pumped with millennial enthusiasm and pop vocals fit for remixing. “Dancing like this” coordinates with the album artwork, the contemplation of interpersonal drama, whilst separated but observant from the natural world. Last of the previously released tracks, “Breathe” packages the album’s message of naivety and yearning for love nicely; “I don’t know if you’ll catch me when I fall / I don’t know if I ever knew you at all/ It’s supposed to hurt for it to be real / So I don’t mind the pain I feel.” These tracks promise us a confident, translucent look at humanity in an album. Check out the rest of the tracks on the album below.

thank u, next – Ariana Grande
Ariana Grande has come a long way from collaborations with Diplo and Zedd. The young pop artists can stand on her own two feet, on her own terms, and this album makes that fact crystal clear. The highly publicized single “thank u, next” titles the songstresses 5th studio album. 12 tracks long, the album will has zero features and include pre-released singles “Imagine” and “7 Rings.” Overall, Grande brings her sassiest to the studio. This album has “girl boss moves only” written all over it. Listen to the highly anticipated album below.


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