MySpace loses all uploaded media from 2003-2016


March 19, 2019

React Presents - News Flash

MySpace, currently active but rarely seen as the social platform of choice, has reportedly lost over 50 million songs and any digital files uploaded from 2003 up until 2016. To those who has utilized the website’s hosting as a backup drive or a time capsule for their early 2000s profiles, the loss has hit hard for some and come as a relief for others.


Whether you remember it or not, the MySpace music page became a hub for new music discovery and sharing in the early 2000s. House music DJ and Producer, Amtrac, personally lamented the loss on Instagram.

NPR reported that the loss of data occurred “As a result of a server migration,” but other technology experts speculate that it may have been purposeful due to high hosting costs. Read more about the merger and how you can contact Myspace here.


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