April 5, 2019

React Presents - News Flash

From This Song is Sick:

GRiZ is back, baby. The master of electronic funk’s newest album is finally here and it’s a powerful 14-track LP called Ride Waves. GRiZ has been teasing just how good this would be for months, giving us tastes with singles “Find My Own Way” with Wiz Khalifa, “A New Day” with Matisyahu, “I’m Good,” “It Gets Better” with DRAM and “Can’t Get Enough”. GRiZ brought nothing but positive energy on these singles and that vibe carries through the full album.

Ride Waves sports a stacked tracklist featuring hip-hop superstars like Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa alongside up & coming artists like Leo Napier and Yoshi Flower. The energy shifts from vibe to vibe without missing a beat, hitting you with bass-funk bangers like the album opener “Can’t Get Enough”, undeniably fun jams like “Cruise Control” with BXRBER, or soulful anthems like “The Prayer”. A stand-out track on the album comes from a collaboration with Yoshi Flower called “Maybe”. Cinematic strings give way to stark piano chords and powerful bass-laden riffs as Yoshi’s voice soars over the instrumental. It’s an anthem that makes it difficult not to sing along. He even teams up with frequent collaborator Muzzy Bear on “Caught Up”….

See the full article here and listen to the album below


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