New Music Friday 3.22.19: Flume unexpectedly drops Mixtape “Hi This Is Flume”


March 22, 2019

React Presents - News Flash

“Hi This Is Flume” is the mixtape we didn’t anticipate but, damn, are we happy that it’s here now.  We’ve been listening to it all week in the office so we’re dedicating this entire New Music Friday to this wonderful mixtape.


It’s been some time since Flume last dropped music, about three years to be exact. Therefore it’s a no brainer that the internet lost it’s head once he announced the release 24 hours in advance.


Spanning 17 tracks long, blended seamlessly together, the project reveals a cryptic and eclectic side of the artist’s personality embedded in a variety of electronic elements.

Accompanying the mixtape is a visually intriguing 42-minute visual expression of the project itself. Reminiscent of Johnny Depp’s literal and metaphorical road trip in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, the audience acts as voyeur upon Flumes desert joy ride. Organic elements within the 38 minutes of sound are mimicked by the cut-ins of the tide, sun-scorched ground, and oil puddles in this apocalyptic landscape.

As for the progression of the album – things move from a sparkly and delayed from “Ecdysis” to the obscurely titled track 5, into more oscillating bass-heavy tracks such as “Is It Cold In The Water?” featuring production from Eprom and vocals from SOPHIE.


The project as a whole is markedly different from Flume’s usual song and dance, yet we catch a glimpse of his electropop sound revamped in “Mud” and “Upgrade” before going bass heavy in “Vitality” through “Amber.” “How To Build A Relationship” featuring JPGMAFIA caters more to the artist featured here and resides as the standout track.


The album has earned praise on social media from fans and other electronic artists such as Medasin, Petite Biscuit, Chet Porter, and G Jones.


For all things Flume and more, head over to his official website here.


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