Mamby On The Beach

Mamby On The Beach, Chicago’s only beachside summer music festival, yields a majestic experience unlike anything else in the city. The two-day event stands as an all-inclusive patchwork of diverse performances with artists representing every genre in the music spectrum all the way to its most central pillars.

The goal of Mamby extends beyond simply curating a unique lineup, as it strives to preserve and celebrate the rich history of Chicago while immersing concertgoers in the its unparalleled beauty and summertime sensations. For attendees who want to take a dip in the lake, a barefoot stroll through the sand, or a musical romp alongside the festival’s exhilarated fans, Mamby provides the perfect, sun-soaked getaway.


To Mamby is to celebrate, share, and embrace our finest values.
We Accept the warmth of cultures both home to us and those not known before.
We Imagine the growing and changing world; allowing ourselves to be in awe of our possibilities.
We Strive to understand and appreciate our mutual journey through self- and collective-expression
We Enjoy each other and welcome our surroundings with bright eyes and open ears; reveling in the company of friends old and new.

It is the conduit that fulfills our grandest fascinations and reinforces our better nature. A memento of our common history and the horizon of the burgeoning future. We invite you to experience the festivities on our shores and to bring the memories made here wherever you go.
We invite you to Mamby together.


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